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Questions on the game "Combat"
Each coordinator is responsible for the certain cars: one communicates with those cars which have connection through ICQ, MsN, Skype or an IRC-chat through Internet or GPRS (whichever more comfortable), another is engaged in sending SMS, the third communicates with the people have connection only through a cellular telephone, and the fourth is engaged in updating of a WAP-site if there is only such way of reception of the task. Coordinators should have detailed as much possible) Map or the atlas of the city for definition and specifications of a place and objects of the task. Coordinators should have one more person to work with Internet-search engines, encyclopedias, catalogues and archives (for a solution and answer of the tasks). Coordinators should have the list of all entertaining centers, shopping centers, cinemas, game clubs, discos, cafe, restaurants, clubs, etc. with the full address and name of the site. Coordinators should allocate emergency phone for communication - this number should be always free. Coordinators should know local area, names of well-known objects in the given area of the city. Coordinators should make the likelihood forecast of possible objects of the future game, proceeding from the subjects declared by organizers. It is acceptable to use conference-calls inside the team - the general discussion, common brain storm first 5-10 minutes after receiving the task would enable to solve tasks more quickly, besides less familiar with the area crew could be guided more precisely, using help of coordinators and other crews on a conference call. In general, the radio network, as taxi drivers and municipal services uses is ideal in this plan.

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