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Questions on the game "Combat"
1. Luck (crossing the teams at stages, affinity of an initial position one of the cars near to a stage). 2. well organized work of coordinators (precise connection with the cars, distribution of the cars between check points, allocation of emergency phone for communication, knowledge of current mobile units position, other operative information). 3. Use of a comprehensible communication facility (Lap-top/PDA/smartphone with Internet, ICQ, e-mail2SMS, sending SMS through the form on a web-site). 4. Knowledge of local toponymics in the city, site of local objects of regional scale. 5. The forecast of possible objects proceeding from subjects of the game. 6. Motivation defining intensity of the game (what accents are placed in the desire to play in concrete game - to play and win, play and take pleasure in the process of the game to receive experience of such games, etc.).

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