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(1) Kung Fury
Welcome to the Epic Movie Trailer game!

To make it quick and simple - there are three levels with links to IMDB each and your task is to make a short (~2.5 min.) movie trailer for each level. Three levels - three trailers.

The only time limit is the game end date. Please watch for changes (there could be some). Standard Competition game rules apply.

All questions will answered in the game forum.

And here are some notes on evaluation criteria:
Movie plot match - No need to put whole movie in 2.5 minutes. Sometimes bits and pieces are enough to introduce to the movie.
Length - 2.5 min (±20 sec)
Key elements of epic trailer - Some training here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHL-tJgl3Gw
Costumes - The more authentic or lookalike, the higher evaluation.
SFX - Use your imagination. It could be animation, green screen, composing etc. Anything goes.
Sound - Don't forget it. Epic sound is part of epic movie trailers.
Overall quality - Personal opinion of each referee.
Bloopers - These should go after main ~2.5 min clip with a couple of scenes showing transparent CD with text "EPIC THING" :)

These rules are valid for all three movies (levels).

In case of any question, ping me on EN-mail. English is preferred, but as I cannot write in Russian, all replies will be in English. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kung Fury (2015)

Средняя оценка: 8.51
Средняя оценка: 6.87
Pass to a level: Kung Fury, Jaws, 28 Days Later...