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What is the game all about?
In this game, players are required to take a few set-up snaps (5-10) based on the rules set out by the task. The task describes, in detail, what should be presented in the photo. The object of each task is to artificially generate an extreme, non-standard, comical or unlikely environment, which should be captured in a photo. The quality of the pictures is not taken into consideration, in contradiction to “PhotoHunt”. Here, the most difficult part is thinking of “how” and “where” to take the picture, while “what” should be presented in the picture is already set out by the task’s authors.

All of the tasks will be given at once and the teams can complete them in any order. The pictures can even be uploaded out of order.

When are the games held?
If the game is held locally (in the scope of just 1 town) then the game will be held in the daytime over a weekend (Saturday/Sunday).

It is often that such games take place internationally. They are played by hundreds of teams from different cities in different countries. However, the game will start at the same time for all of the teams, for example, 8:00 GMT. This means that the game will start at a different time of day. For example this will be late at night in New York and late in the morning in Moscow.

What is required to participate?
– Internet connection to receive tasks and submit solutions (Can be done via laptop, PDA or even mobile phone)
– High-speed internet connection for uploading high-quality pictures to the server
– Digital camera

It is recommended that teams have 2 or more sub-teams (cars) in order to allow parallel-preparation for all of the tasks at the same time. It is quite usual for a task to require a banner saying “”

Who is the winner?
By default, the winner is the team that takes all of the pictures in the shortest cumulative time. However, after all of the pictures are uploaded to the server, the authors of the script will start sorting through the pictures, to see how well they match the task description. During this time, teams may receive penalties or bonuses (penal/bonus conditions will be clearly stated in the script). The final result of the game is released 6-24 hours after the time the game was finished. During the process of sorting the pictures, authors of the script have the right to rank the pictures, as it is sometimes impossible to predict all of the conditions for the task.

Who is the inventor of PhotoExtreme?
The idea for this game was the result of Combat games, where such missions had been given during Combat games as bonus missions. For example, it would be required for players to bring to an agent a photo in which a policeman was wearing a Christmas hat and playing a guitar. Later on, in the scope of the “Encounter” project, a new type of game was created called “PhotoExtreme”, where each task required players to take a photo that followed the task description as closely as possible.

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