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What is the game all about?
The players receive co-ordinates of the hidden treasures, which may be hidden or buried in the area. Each treasure is a plastic container with a code written on the bottom. Inside the container may be some prizes for the organizer or ‘souvenirs’ that have been left by other teams that got there first. Equipped with maps and GPS navigation, players search for the treasure. When the treasure has been found, the team must enter the code on the web site, found on the container. This will allow the team to say that they have found the treasure. Players may choose to take souvenirs from the container and/or place items into the container for other teams. Containers must then be put back where they were found without any clues as to their location. This means they may stay there for a long period of time.

When are the games held?
Games may be held at any time. If such a game is accessible after its completion, you can still try to find the containers out of the scope of the game, meaning no points or rewards are earned. Who knows what you may find in one of these containers…?

What is required to participate?
– Internet connection to receive tasks and submit solutions (Can be done via laptop, PDA or even mobile phone)

This is all you need. You can move around the city as you wish. If the game requires GPS navigation, it will be clearly stated in the game description before-hand.

Who is the winner?
The winning team/player is the one that finds all treasures in the shortest cumulative time. In the process of finding treasure, teams may receive additional tasks, accomplishment of which may result in clues about the location of certain treasure or a time bonus, which affects the final time result..

Who is the inventor of TreasureHunt?
The history of TreasureHunt, as a modern game, started in the year 2000. On 2nd May, Dave Ulmer from Portland (Oregon) in one of the online conferences, suggested to his friends a new game called “Stash”, where one person created a hiding place and published its coordinates on the Internet. Others would then use these coordinates to try to find it. The next day, Dave went to the forest located near to his home town and hid the first treasure there.

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