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What is the game all about?
This is the only game in which tasks are accomplished in front of a PC, without moving from the chair. The game is comprised of a series of tasks, where the player must answer questions in the shortest time possible. Resources such as encyclopedias and ‘Google’ can be used to find the answers. Additional clues will be shown after set amounts of times after receiving each task so that players are not stuck on a single question for too long.

When are the games held?
Games may be held at any time. Usually held 2-3 games per a day in different languages. For more details see the calendar of games.

What is required to participate?
– Internet connection to receive tasks and submit solutions (Can be done via laptop, PDA or even mobile phone)

However it is suggested that PDAs and mobile phones are not used, as some files, such as pictures or sound clips, may need to be downloaded for some tasks. Also, it is likely that it will be easier to look up answers on a full-sized screen and a keyboard.

Who is the winner?
The winner is the team or individual that accomplishes all the tasks in the shortest cumulative time.

Who is the inventor of Brainstorming?
This game used to be called “Brainstorming” and appeared at the same time as Combat. Now, virtual tasks could be found as bonus tasks in Combat. The name BrainStorm was suggested by a player known as Eddyz.

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Metagram. Enter the online game Tutorial: In this game you have to guess what is described on the images and guess the hidden word. This word DIFFERS BY ONE LETTER from the words shown on pictures. The game has 17 overall levels with hints. Metagram examples see here (in the bottom of the page). [Metagram]
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