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Questions on the game "Combat"
1. In case of changing the route or position it is necessary to contact coordinator and to inform of a new place and initial position. 2. If you receive a code, it is necessary to contact and inform, who has particularly taken a code and to transfer the code itself. 3. Returning from the task to an initial position it is necessary to contact and inform, that you have arrived on initial. 4. It is important to remember the place and a little bit later to describe in details by the phone either ICQ, MSN, Skype or SMS where the code has been found. 5. Mobile unit should have at least two persons: the driver who is driving a car, and the navigator, laying optimum route to the object of the task and receiving the task through a communication facility. 6. Each mobile unit communicates with, fixed coordinator and does not try to contact coordinators of other mobile units. 7. Mobile unit should have a map or the city atlas for a lining of an optimum route to the object of the task. 8. Mobile unit should know emergency phone to contact with headquarter in case of instant solution of the task and place of the object (code) with the big degree of probability. Mobile units should have a camera as there is demonstrative equipment in case of force-majeur circumstances (impossibility to get a code on independent from a team circumstances, etc.). 9. Mobile units should write down type and plate number of the other team car in case of their detection it will help in the future monitoring them in the city. 10. If you detect nearby team-contenders it is necessary for mobile unit to stay unseen by the contenders (both visual, and acoustic). 11. From empirical experience also it has been proven, that the crew contains three people: one driver (management of the car, a lining of an optimum route), the navigator (work with a map, solving the task, a lining of an optimum route) and the communicator (communication with coordinators).

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